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8th National Rover Moot

8th National Rover Moot

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The 8th National Rover Moot was a week-long event organized by the Bangladesh Scouts in 2017, aimed at developing the leadership and teamwork skills of Rover Scouts. Over 2,000 participants from across the country were expected to attend the event held at the National Training Center in Gazipur. The event organizers faced several challenges in ensuring the smooth running of the event, including managing the large number of participants, facilitating the registration process, ensuring food quality, and efficient management of the workforce.


The organizers of the 8th National Rover Moot faced several challenges in managing the event. One of the primary challenges was managing the large number of participants efficiently. The event required a streamlined registration process, identification of participants, and access control. The organizers also had to ensure food quality, minimize wastage, and restrict access to authorized personnel. Additionally, managing the workforce was essential for ensuring the smooth running of the event.


Onirban Bangladesh Technologies (OBT) was the official technology partner for the event and provided several services to ensure the smooth running of the event. OBT provided an online registration portal, which streamlined the registration process and provided all the necessary information regarding the event, including the schedule, rules and regulations, and FAQs. OBT also provided an ID card printing solution that ensured all participants had their ID cards printed and ready before the start of the event, which helped identify the participants and provided access control.

Furthermore, OBT provided a food gate access control system, which ensured that only authorized personnel had access to the food stalls, minimizing wastage and ensuring food quality. Finally, OBT provided an HRM software solution, which helped manage the workforce efficiently by scheduling shifts, assigning tasks, and monitoring attendance.


The services provided by Onirban Bangladesh Technologies at the 8th National Rover Moot were highly effective in ensuring the success of the event. The online registration portal provided by OBT streamlined the registration process, reducing the workload on the organizers, while the ID card printing solution helped identify participants and provide access control. The food gate access control system ensured food quality and minimized wastage, while the HRM software solution facilitated efficient management of the workforce. Overall, the event was well-organized, and all the participants had a memorable experience.


Onirban Bangladesh Technologies played a crucial role in the success of the 8th National Rover Moot by providing innovative technology solutions that helped the organizers manage the event efficiently. The services provided by OBT helped streamline the registration process, ensure food quality, provide access control, and efficiently manage the workforce. The success of the event would not have been possible without the support and expertise of Onirban Bangladesh Technologies.

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