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Creating an e-commerce website is very easy for Onirban Bangladesh. If it is a custom e-commerce management system, then many things can not be left out if you want! Creating a custom e-commerce platform for Darkak is a big find for both organizations.


  • Sales Module
  • Point Of Sale (POS) Module
  • Order Module
  • Website
  • Customer Module
  • Supplier Module
  • Purchase Module
  • Store Management
  • Accounting Module
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Module
  • Warranty
  • Report Module
  • Quotation
  • Currency Module
  • Payment Module
  • Delivery Module
  • Product Image Gallery
  • Tax Module
  • State Module
  • Delivery Area Zone Module
  • Bank Module
  • Partial Payment Module
  • Reports Module


Shopping Cart Software is a software that helps the customer to shop from the website, the customer can select the product and add everything to the virtual cart.

The customer will be able to see what has been added to his shopping cart and will be able to add or remove more. When the customer's preferred product is added to the cart and finished shopping, the purchase must be completed by making a secure payment through a virtual payment gateway.

Shopping cart software is usually made with different types of programming languages. Such as PHP, ASP, JAVA, etc. and with markup languages like JavaScript, HTML, etc.


OBTECOM is a multi-store eCommerce shopping cart software. Also, it is the complete package of eCommerce solutions for any eCommerce business management. This software is a combined package of managing all activities. It has a dynamic backend admin panel to manage inventory, order, product, invoicing, HR management, accounts management & so on. You can manage not only a single store but also manage two or more stores efficiently. Accurate inventory, purchase, sales, and billing with reports will help you to make the right decisions for your business. Moreover, You don't have to rely on accountants or managers to create your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly reports using this software. As well as, using the admin panel, you can see all these things.

What type of Shopping Cart OBECOM is?

There are basically 3 types of shopping cart software in the market. Open-source shopping cart, Licensed shopping cart, Hosted eCommerce platforms.

You can buy an extended version and mobile application source code separately and give enterprise service.

Why Choose OBTECOM - eCommerce Shopping Cart Software?

ERP software Comfortable Sales System
Fast & Secure

We tested the loading speed and security of the system after it was built. Many e-commerce owners around the world are now running their businesses relying on it.


If you need more customization after our system, then our developer team is ready to do it. We have experts to do as per your demand.

Responsive Support

We have a dedicated customer team for any kind of technical problem. If you have any problems with the installation, you can contact our team at any time.

Payment System

Payment System is very easy here because the top payment gateway is an integration system in our system. However, you can add more by customization.

Built-in Marketing Tools

OBTECOM SEO friendly system. We also included email marketing and SMS marketing in our system. You can easily maintain customer relationships.

Awesome Design

Our designed templates will play a big role in making your eCommerce website attractive and user friendly. You can present the website beautifully on any device. Then choose and make your e-commerce website lucrative.

Quotation Management System

This feature helps you to manage each specific order request. When any customer orders any products, then this feature will manage the order efficiently. Moreover, using this software, you can manage all types of quote order requests. As well as, you can serve your customer in better and dynamic ways.

Front-end Website Integration

In this software, that has a dynamic front-end website for managing your stores. Also, this software has a fully responsive design, clean code, and SEO friendly website for ensuring better front-store management. Moreover, this software has a customization facility. If you need any kind of customization, then you will do it easily. Because the system is flexible for customization. So, OBTECOM will ensure a strong online appearance with powerful brand awareness.

POS Management System

POS management system is an essential feature of any eCommerce business to maintain complete customer service and transparent transactions. Using this feature, you can manage online order successively. Also, this feature helps you to manage this task easily without any difficulty. You have to just click on creating an invoice and shipping products to the customer's address.

Super Admin Panel

Using this admin panel, you can manage the entire system rapidly. Also, you can add a new user, create a user's and store's account. As well as, you can control the total business and multiple stores easily. He can also check individually or all store's inventory, purchase, accounts, invoices, sales reports as well. He can also segregate that data as a report individually so that he can find out the needs and require stocks to manage the overall supply chain and business operations. By managing all these operations will lead the business to a sustainable and profitable one without a doubt. Great efficiency and accuracy is the key here.

Multiple Store Management System

The issue software has the facility to operate multiple stores at the same time. Basically, multiple stores are managed under one super administrator. Using this software, you can manage administrative, financial, and overall business operations efficiently and accurately and you can generate reports automatically. Besides, large eCommerce enterprises may have multiple branches. Hence, the store accounts help to manage those branches and stores. As well as, playing a role in making product transactions between branches or stores easier and more efficient. So, using this software, you can maintain your stores inevitably and easily..

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Unlimited User Account

Using this software, you can get another tremendous feature that will provide you unlimited user facility. So, you can add an unlimited user in this software and there is no limitation at all. Here, you can create an unlimited user account and specify the role of his employees. Besides, you can create a store account as per your desire. As well as, you can distribute the job responsibility as per designation.

Built-in Marketing Tools

The invoicing module allows you to create and manage invoices. Also, you can get the benefit of a barcode scan in this feature. Moreover, there is no problem in configuring the POS system because it is embedded in the eCommerce software. The most important advantage of this feature is that it can calculate accurate billing according to tax. So, you can enjoy the usability of the software easily and effectively.

Attractive Photo Management System

In this software, you can display responsive and beautiful pictures that will attract the customers very much. Moreover, this software has a photo gallery that helps you to manage product photos easily. Also, this software helps you to identify the products efficiently. So, the customer can order any product easily using this eCommerce shopping cart software.

Product Management System

Using this software, you can manage all product information automatically without the help of any employees. Also, you can classify all products into various categories, brand, variant, unit, etc. As well as, you can upload a product CSV file in this system. Finally, you can get the product ledger and observe overall operations accurately.


Using the customer feature, you can understand your customer history easily. Also, you can create a new customer profile and manage the list of customers. As well as, you can get customer ledger within a second in this software. Moreover, according to your requirement, you can segregate each data and use them in your business.


Purchase competency depends on purchase record analysis availability. Using the purchase option, OBTECOM managed a comprehensive solution. Also, you can track all supplier activity and supplier modules using this software. Moreover, you can monitor each vendor using the dashboard of this system smoothly.


In this software, you can add multiple stores. Order Management System will help you take orders from websites or different stores and then the order will be available at the manage order. From here, you can make an invoice or deny the order from your order management list.


eCommerce software is the platform of online business. In this eCommerce software, you will get various measuring units for products as your needs. Also, all currency is acceptable in OBTECOM shopping cart software. As a result, you can use any currency in this system. So, don’t worry about currency at all.


OBTECOM eCommerce software is mainly a combined package of all modern payment channels and gateways. All payment methods are available in this software. As a consequence, customers can complete their payment via Paypal, Bitcoin, etc at OBTECOM eCommerce platform. So, you can start your online eCommerce business today even if you want, you can do it from now.


Warehouse & stock has been designed to ensure a systematic Inventory management system. Using this feature, you can maintain your warehouse properly. Also, you can understand the stock report easily as well as, you will get the stock management facility. What product sells well, and which ones don't? And also which products need to restock to the warehouse as well.


OBTECOM has a customer management system. You can add customers from the backend and if any customer places an order from the frontend, the customer will also add in the customer list backend. You can also check the customer ledger in the customer module.


There is a Supplier Module in the OBTECOM software. To purchase any product you have to need a supplier name. You can add a supplier name in this module.the supplier ledger is also in the supplier module.


There are 3 different tax adding options in OBTECOM software. All the tax options are customizable. You can also Add GST into it. The tax could be set differently for every product.

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