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3rd National Disaster Management Scout Camp 2022

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Bangladesh Scout National Disaster Management Camp was organized with the help of the technology of Onirban Bangladesh Technologies . More then 4000 scouts, rovers & leader use this website to complete camp registration. Onirban Bangladesh technologies provided online registration system with online payment getaway, ID card printing solution, HR Management for camp official & volunteers. With this system participants get their accommodation information before they come. Onirban Bangladesh Technologies also provided Mobile apps based food gate attendance system. This system is connected with central server. All data can be monitored from central server. This system also enabled for participants to give feedback about the camp.

Onirban Bangladesh Technologies also provided a web-based camp management system which helps the camp organizers to manage the whole camp. The web-based system consists of different modules like camp registration, camp schedule, accommodation, transport, food, medical, camp finance, camp activities, camp monitoring, and evaluation. The system also provides a single platform for all the participants to access all the information regarding the camp.

Onirban Bangladesh Technologies also provided a Mobile App based Camp Management System which is used by the camp organizers to monitor the camp activities. The system provides real-time information about the camp and helps in quick decision making. The system also provides an automated notification system which helps the organizers to keep the participants updated about the camp activities. The system also provides a platform for the participants to give their feedback about the camp.

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